At FBC, we believe that the youth are the future of our church.



It's hard to be a Junior High or High School Student in our world. The pressures of school along with the peer pressure of others are two of many things that these young people face in their lives. We want to prepare them to deal with these things in a God-honoring way through the ministry of Fellowship Youth. 


  • We believe the greatest impact we can have in these formative years is to point our students toward Jesus and the Gospel in every situation.
  • We want our students to not just know about Jesus, but to know Jesus Himself. It's our goal to see these young people commit their lives to Jesus Christ, not just in knowledge but in faith and action.
  • We are convinced that our youth must understand the reasons behind the Christian faith and doctrine, as well as understanding how scripture answers the questions of our world today. 


Our youth meet every Tuesday from 7-9pm to dig into God's Word, fellowship, and apply the Word to their lives under faithful and passionate leadership. We will also gather to serve the needs in our church and our community and show the people in our city the love of Christ.


Contact: [email protected]